Looking for the best Charcoal BBQ?

Innovative about the Barbekon is the stepless control of both the grill, the coal tray and the ashtray.
Unique is its built-in quick start system.

BBQ-BARBEKON is a top class and extremely solid charcoal barbecue appliance.

This BBQ set meets all the needs of the most demanding professional chefs, caterers, butchers and private hobby cooks.   Its sleek design is a feast for the eyes, it fits into any garden, on any terrace, at any event or party!

Ingenious & unique in the BBQ world

BBQ BARBEKON has a built-in quick start system that provides oxygen over the entire coal surface:

  • It is therefore guaranteed to be ready to grill within 
     15 minutes to grill (up to the   
     corners of the grid).
  • Coals of inferior quality or from last 
     season cannot spoil your fun.
  • No fumbling with a tube and glowing 
    pouring coals over to your barbecue.


This Belgian design offers both the professional and amateur barbecuer the pleasure of cooking food on charcoal with the ease of use of both electric and gas barbecue.

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On July 26, top jeweler, E. Verhoeven from Dunkirk hosted a grand dinner together with the Lions Club of Dunkirk in Northern France.

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For the BBQ PURISTS, it is a fact, whoever does not barbecue on a charcoal barbecue, does not barbecue.  

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Our barbecue in action!