BARBEKON offers both the professional and amateur barbecuer the pleasure of cooking food on charcoal with the ease of use of both electric and gas barbecues.

What are the advantages?

  1. No more problems with poor quality coals. 
    No more putting out the fire because the coals get too hot and the grill can't go higher 
    No more delicious food that can burn. 
    No more fumbling to add extra charcoal or empty the ashtray.... 
    Forget the most tedious job of the entire barbecue because cleaning your grills will be child's play.

With a BBQ BARBEKON, the known inconveniences of a charcoal barbecue are really a thing of the past.  This innovative BBQ appliance is handmade, very solid, user-friendly, highly functional and requires little or no maintenance.

How did BARBEKON come about?

Barbekon was designed by Patrick Gonsaeles.
Patrick is currently manager - owner of www.dewekon.be/https://www.dewekon.be/ (water purification plants that are placed worldwide).
In addition, for 3 decades, until the end of 2018, he was also owner - business manager of PG Cars, Carrosserie Bril and Premium bvba.

Patrick Gonsaeles, PG for friends, already managed to wear out a few barbecue appliances.
What always disappointed PG was the fact that after a while the grilles rusted or warped.

It was not easy to get a perfectly even fire or a perfectly adjustable temperature on the food.
Also the lighting did not always go smoothly. Often it went smoothly in the center but the sides did not want to go along and once the sides left ... it was all over in the center.

Some of these defects explain why so many people switch to gas.
So the idea was born to design an ideal charcoal barbecue that would do away with the known defects.
To abandon the natural coals was not an option for PG, because nothing can match working with a natural product and so, after 2 years of development, the BBQ - BARBEKON (BBK) was born.